13th Intercept 2016

13th Intercept 2016
13th Intercept 2016
Hotel Mariott Hotel
Via Washington, 66
20146 Milan (Italy)

A fixed maximum number of 150 participants will be admitted to the Course. The official language is English. No simultaneous translation is provided.


Course introduction
The 13th  INTERCEPT (INTERnational Course on Extracorporeal Perfusion Technologies) will take place in Milan, April 21st-23rd , 2016.
For this edition, we have prepared an exciting scientific program, with international speakers coming from all over Europe.
Following the tradition of the INTERCEPT, the first day will be dedicated to anemia, hemostasis and coagulation issues. We will hear the latest news about the impact of anemia on outcomes with an opening lecture from Christa Boer, a recognized international expert in the field of anemia, hemodilution, and microcirculation. The effects of anemia on outcomes will be the focus of Session I. Session II contains a bullet Hemostasis and Coagulation Course, including the latest information on point-of-care tests and substitution therapies.
On day 2, session III will deal with monitoring systems: in four separated sub-sessions, we will address macro-hemodynamics, oxygen and carbon dioxide-related data monitoring, visceral function monitoring, and brain function monitoring.
Day 3 will host Session IV, dedicated to ECMO issues, and session V, dedicated to CPB. In the middle, a special lecture from Alain Combes will address Post-cardiotomy ECMO problems.
Throughout the whole meeting there will be specific Interactive Q&A sessions (Interact with the INTERCEPT), and day 2 will be closed by three INTERCEPT Seminars.
We hope and believe to have settled an interesting scientific program, and we wait for you to attend the INTERCEPT and visit Milan in April 2016.

The INTERCEPT Director
Marco Ranucci, MD, FESC


The preliminary program is available online and can be downloaded.


S. Agarwal, Liverpool
A. Anselmi, Rennes
H.D. Aya, London
E. Baryshnikova, Milan
M.J. Bennett, Plymouth
P. Bianchi, Milan
C. Boer, Amsterdam
C. Carlucci, Milan
D. Colella, Rome
A. Combes, Paris
P. Cogo, Udine
M. Cotza, Milano
R. De Paulis, Rome
L. De Pietri, Modena
A. Del Felice, Padua
K. Gorlinger, Munich
H.V. Groesdonk, Homburg
F. Guarracino, Pisa
G. Iapichino, Milan
E.A. Jankowska, Wroclaw
N. Juffermans, Amsterdam
A.A. Klein, Cambridge
G. Landoni, Milan
B. Martinez, Udine
B.M.Matata, Liverpool
A. Mattei, Rome
N. Patroniti, Monza
M. Petricevic, Zagreb
M. Ranucci, Milan
S-E. Ricksten, Goteborg
O. Schlager, Wien
S. Scolletta, Siena
M. Soehle, Bonn
N. Vranken, Maastricht
D. Spahn, Zurich
J-L. Teboul, Paris

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