Privacy Policy

Information sheet given to the interested party.
Art. 13 of the Italian Law D.Lgs. 196/2003 “Personal Data Protection Act”

By signing this acknowledgment, the interested party authorizes the processing of personal data by means of paper documents or with the aid of computer or electronic devices, for the purposes related to and instrumental in the organizational activity of the Society. Data may be transmitted to our assistants, managers and people in charge, exclusively to carry out the operations necessary to the organization management of the event and of the connected services and to the commercial purposes related to the communication of future events.

Furthermore, the interested party claims to know that the complete text of the information sheet on personal data processing is available at the registered office of Intercept S.a.s. - Via Lorenteggio, 37 - 20146 Milan (Italy). The Privacy Manager and holder of all data is Intercept S.a.s, in the person of its Legal Representative.